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Say Hello to Hey Rosetta! in San Diego

 Hey Rosetta! are coming to San Diego, and they’re bringing their beautifully arranged, dreamy sense of alt pop with them. There’s a lot that goes into a multi-instrumental project such as this, so we spoke with the group about working together, navigating the indie music scene, and the real human experience of music.

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Live Photos: Lime Cordiale bring beachy rock, trumpets, and a clarinet

Soda Bar brought Australian rockers Lime Cordiale this month. Check out these photos of them performing live. Continue reading Live Photos: Lime Cordiale bring beachy rock, trumpets, and a clarinet

Sunday Funday: Lime Cordiale hits Soda Bar

Your Sunday just got a whole lot more amazing, with a lineup of bands that is going to turn San Diego’s Soda Bar into a musical paradise. Continue reading Sunday Funday: Lime Cordiale hits Soda Bar

The Theme Song this Week is by Oh, Spirit

San Diego based Oh, Spirit is melding together modern folk with 60s influenced rock that is sure to make your indie-music-loving heart explode — in the best way possible.
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Forget Valentine’s Day: Here’s what you should do this week

If you’re single this year, don’t fret. Not everything is about chocolates, champagne and cheesy cards. There are a slew of amazing shows happening in San Diego, and you need to check them out. Who knows,  maybe the person of your dreams will be waiting in the crowd? (Too cheesy? Yeah, let’s just focus on the music.) Continue reading Forget Valentine’s Day: Here’s what you should do this week

SDMT: It’s an early Halloween at the Soda Bar

In case you didn’t know, it was my birthday this week (I’m a 9/11 baby…is that such a thing now?), and while I didn’t celebrate that much, it did keep me busy enough to step away from weekend show reviews. But never fear! TGIF and the weekend is here!

Let me discuss three amazing reasons to be at the Soda Bar today…

The Creepy Creeps, The Burning of Rome, Tape Deck Mountain and others at Soda Bar – Friday the 13th

the_creepy_creeps_soda_bar_the_indie_sd_sdmtInsert really spooky Friday the 13th reference here. Or, experience one in the flesh tonight at Soda Bar, for a rock ‘n roll party that is worthy of the number 13. Headliners The Creepy Creeps are definitely on my radar — mostly because I’m a huge Halloween and horror movie fanatic, but also because their tunes are the perfect mix of high energy, punk, and yes, eery appeal. They’re along the lines of rockabilly, if those rockabilly tunes was the backdrop for a zombie surfing party. Their eccentric onstage costumes only help to drive their music to the surreal.

The Burning of Rome has lit their own fire in the local San Diego music scene, and with their recent San Diego Music Award nomination, they’re a must-see on my list. Watch them live if you enjoy music that will blow your mind. They’re often eloquent without being too polished, atmospheric without being too abstract, and they occasionally shred with gritty 70s rock vibes. I can’t help but love this band.

Adding to the rock ‘n roll dance party is Tape Deck Mountain, who have seamlessly mixed grungy guitar riffs with ethereal vocals and melodies, wavering on the gentle one moment, and then breaking into the mystical force of rock in the next. Their tunes are the perfect companions of music lovers, since every note is absolutely thrilling to the ears.

There are other exciting bands on this lineup so get there early and spend your Friday the 13th in style!

For more information on the San Diego Music Thing, including the full lineup and how to buy tickets and passes, check out the official website.

GP of the Week: Lenka brings the Show to SD

lenka_shadows_the_indie_sdGuilty pleasures aren’t that guilty if you’re proud of them, and trust me, I am always proud to share a pop artist who gets it right! And best of all, I’ve got you covered if you need something to do this weekend.

Lenka, who’s been on a first name basis with the world since beginning her solo music career, has been awfully busy since “The Show” put her on the pop music map.

She followed up her self-titled debut with the just as catchy and poppy Two, an album that may have suffered the “sophomore slump” . While it’s extremely fun and the lyrics are very smart, overall it’s lacking creativity and follows similar two-beat patterns throughout most of the songs. Here’s where this pop story becomes an uplifting tale. Lenka’s latest release, Shadows, seems to offer everything we were hoping for from her earlier release. Shadows offers diversity while painting a magical scene from the very start, with “Nothing Here But Love.” The entire album plays on atmospheric sensibilities that Lenka describes as “lullabies for adults”. But don’t expect to nod off after you hear how beautifully crafted and uplifting the album can be. Tunes like “Find a Way to You” and “Two Heartbeats” playfully bounce around in rhythms like an intricate music box, while dipping into minor keys at just the right moment to cause the perfect amount of tension. That tension is what makes this album Lenka’s deepest repertoire of songs yet.

Pop music that is deep. That is when any artist in any genre gets it right, and in my opinion, artists like Lenka should be the definition of great music.

If you want to hear all of this goodness live, you can catch Lenka this weekend at Soda Bar on Jun 2nd.

Video: The Material talks keeping rock alive on new album

the material the indie sd san diego soda bar paramore kyle black colleen dagostino
The Material’s lead singer Colleen gives it her all each time she’s on stage.

In a sea of rock bands that are constantly pushing the line closer to pop, The Material prove that they’re here to stay in the alternative game. Being an independent band hasn’t stopped these San Diego locals from performing with the likes of Jimmy Eat World and My American Heart, and as I can tell from the interview we had at their CD release show earlier this month, it’s obvious that there’s even more rocking moments in store for them. They discussed everything about their new album, the interesting process of going into the studio and almost rewriting all of their songs, and what we can expect from them later on this year.

The entire band sat down with me at Soda Bar in San Diego and after comfortably taking up a whole booth, it was easy to see that this group of musicians has little to no problems working together. Colleen D’Agostino, the searing female vocals behind the Material’s music, had just the same edge as her male band mates, holding her own next to the guys as they discussed some of their experiences in the studio.

Guitarist John started off first, being very open and bright-eyed when he discussed some of the song writing and production processes of their latest album, Everything I Want to Say.

the material indie rock pop rock san diego soda bar the indie sd
Guitarist Roy performing at Soda Bar
the material indie rock pop rock san diego soda bar the indie sd
The Material bassist Jordan performing at Soda Bar

“Our previous producer, [Brian Grider], was San Diego based, … and we did our first few records with him.” John was referring to the Material’s freshman and sophomore  releases, Tomorrow and full-length What We Are, respectively. “He’s super meticulous, super talented, and it was very production heavy, … adding strings, adding synths, adding electric drums.” But anyone who compares the album What We Are with the latest release can probably pick up on a braver approach to their rock sound. John continues to say, “This record [Everything I Want to Say] we did with our friend Kyle Black, … and he came in to do pre-production with us which was the first time we’d ever done that. We had all these songs we thought were done and he came in and started switching everything up.”

It was a process that attempted to throw the five musicians for a loop, but paid off in the end with what could easily be described as a well-rounded, energetic, and rock-heavy album that offers versatility in each song. The Material succeeded in avoiding the dreaded “rock riff” curse of creating a handful of songs that all sound like one another — instead, they were able to do re-writes that gave each song a unique and palatable sound to the ear.

Lead singer Colleen explains that it wasn’t necessarily an easy task. “We just spent six months perfecting this song, we’re not changing it. But ultimately we realized [producer Kyle Black] wants the song to be just as good as we do. Thinking back we’re definitely really happy we listened to him.”

The group was in good hands, since Kyle Black has previously worked with Paramore, All Time Low, and Neon Trees, with most of those groups coming back for more. I asked the band if they planned to continue on the Road to Rock, or veer into the pop sound that many artists have defaulted to in this age, and John notes once again that their powerful rock sound is here to stay.

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“With Dave Grohl putting out the Sound City documentary, it’s super inspiring to be like, ‘let’s just go and sound like five people playing in a room together.'” John says, after the group saw the lead singer of the Foo Fighters speak at his conference at South by Southwest.

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Colleen adds that even though she came from a pop background, it’s inspiring to have a concrete sound and direction for the group. “Every album that we’ve done until now has been kind of straddling the rock and the pop thing.” She adds that her electronic side project, With Beating Hearts, gives her the opportunity to taste the best of both musical worlds. “I’m kind of channeling the pop/electronic stuff in that direction so I can allow myself to just focus on rock in [the Material].”

The Material is more focused than ever, and they rounded up a rambunctious group of fans and followers at their Soda Bar CD release show earlier this month. The crowd eagerly head-banged along with Colleen and the band as they played songs from their new album. The energetic force of a band this size is just a heavy reminder not to underestimate the power of the indie band. As Colleen told me that night, “We’re all on board to do something big and different and amazing.” And amazing it shall be!

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Keep checking the Material’s main site and Facebook page for an upcoming music video for their latest release, Everything I Want to Say! The album is available now on CD and iTunes.

Video by Roman Arriola for SnowGlobe Studios. Follow Snowglobe Studios on Instagram, Vimeo, and Twitter.

The Plastic Revolution: It’s not Rock ‘n Roll without a little blood!

What do you get when you mix the heavy, shredding energy of The Plastic Revolution and a burned out guitar pick? A very excited crowd and one bloody guitarist! Check out these photos I snapped of TPR live at the Soda Bar, where they opened up for alt rockers The Material.

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